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November 19, 2019

5 Reasons to Eat Out for Christmas

5 Reasons to Eat Out For Christmas
Imagine waking up Christmas Eve morning and realizing you simply don’t have to worry about braving the heat of your kitchen this season! That’s right, not a finger to lift. Visualize instead a beautiful Christmas table laden with all your favorite Christmas dishes that you didn’t have to sweat for to enjoy.

christmas dinner


A Better Designated Chef

With the stress of everything else the Christmas season demands, i.e. getting the right gifts for the right person, wrapping said gifts, making sure decor is just right and catering to your fussy relatives, it simply does not seem like a bad idea to try Christmas with family at a local restaurant that knows how to bring Christmas cheer.
J.Malone’s Irish Restaurant and Bar alters their regular menu every year to include staple Trinbagonian Christmas dishes like sorrel, pastelle and ham whilst still serving up their unique table of delicious menu options.

Something for Everyone!

There is something for everyone on this menu including that one vegan family member that needs to keep their dignity during the meat laden season.

No Dishes!?

Christmas dishes

The best part about all this is that post lunch/dinner, you also don’t have to lift a finger. We’ve also seen that post Christmas lunch/dinner kitchen that resembles the post apocalyptic war. Eating out for Christmas offers you the opportunity to forget all about the dishes and focus more on having fun with your family for the season.

No More Neglected Birthday Celebrations!?

And no we haven’t forgot you Sagittarius and Capricorns. If you’re used to having your special day glossed over by the grandeur of the season, you can always host your own “you” focused birthday dinner at J.Malone’s. Call 640-5080 to discuss the menu options available for your birthday event. It’ll be a birthday to remember with no Christmas distractions.

Epic Christmas Office Party!

We all know that after end of year employee bonuses, employees often look forward to the end of year office party. Switch things up this year and let your employees let loose. Leave the office environment behind have your company office party at a festive restaurant. Sing your favorite Christmas carols/ soca parang at the J.Malone’s Karaoke Korner and enjoy the holidays to the fullest.
Go ahead. Start a new tradition! Celebrate the Christmas Season at J. Malone’s this year!? Call 640-5080 or click here to try something new for the holidays.

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